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Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Physical health                             07977500771

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Physical Therapy

Have been doing body work now for 20 years and in that time have amassed lots of experience and qualifications using orthodox and holistic therapies to fix the body. Whether it be back pain, neck pain shoulder pain, knee pain etc I get the job done. I use a multi disciplined approach to get people fixed and out of pain as quickly as possible. It's this approach that keeps me ahead of the game constantly out performing NHS, osteopaths, chiropractors and physio's in the local area !  see testimonials !

Healing and Well Being 


Have been a healer now for 20 years and as with my physical therapy I take a multi disciplinary approach to healing and well being . I'm a Reiki master, Im  one of the first people in the country to become a biofield tuning practioner, a very powerful and unique trauma healing modality. I'm also a qualified EFT and EFT Matirix reimprinting practitioner and also a trained Mindfulness Now teacher and therapist. to help people shift their mind set and so self heal . Have had great results with PTSD and anxiety, again with people who were not getting results eslewhere, See  Biofield Tuning testimonials.

Physical therapy, Mental and Emotional Therapies and well being .

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