Muscle, Joint, Back Pain, Body Pain Specialist and Personal Trainer Buxton
Muscle, Joint, Back Pain, Body Pain Specialist and Personal Trainer Buxton


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At Mind Body and Soul Fitness Company we cover all aspects of health mind body and soul, using orthodox physical therapy techniques, ie massage, trigger point therapy, accupuncture, dry needling, myofascial release, joint and spinal realignment, and manipulations plus holistic therapies ie Bowen, Applied Movement Neurology, Spinal Touch, NST, Biofield Tuning, Reiki and exercise, corrective exercise, and nutritional advice to get the body operating at its optimimum. And for the mind and soul: life coaching, meditation, trauma healing, soul retrieval and reiki healing.


Using both holistic and orthodox therapy, corrective exercise coupled with 17 years experience to heal the body is what keeps us ahead of the game, constantly out performaing all local osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and the NHS etc (see testimonials).  


For the mind and soul I use life coaching and meditation to shift perspective and reach goals, and if your struggling because your past trauma is holding you back with inability to focus, lack of drive, anxiety, depression, comfort eating and PTSD etc I use a ground breaking therapy known as Biofield Tuning the results from this therapy never cease to amaze me. (see testimonials)


So look no further for healing and personal transformation, we have it all covered at the Mind Body and Soul Fitness Company. 



Legal Notice please take note!

 I am not nor do I claim to be a physical therapist ,neither do I hold a qualification as a physio or physical therapist, neither am I registered as a physical therapist. I am originally a sports therapist who found he had a talent and a desire to fix people, so have made it my goal to become the best therapist I can possibly be for the best and fastest outcomes for my clients ! The title of physical therapy above is purely to explain what I do as defined in the english dictionary, not what I am. On a personal note I dont think I would be achieving such great results if I was traditionally trained,  See testimonials !

Anthony Sircar 








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