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Who is Anthony the muscle, joint, back and body pain specialist and personal trainer?

Hi. my name is Anthony and I am a muscle, joint and back pain specialists, and personal trainer originally from Manchester. When I was 11 I moved to Buxton! As a boy I was very small and skinny which was why I started training when I left school. I soon put on muscle and also began to learn to box leading me to achieve the title of Derbyshire County welterweight championship! It was also around this time that I first began my career in the fitness industry as a full time gym instructor for several years but because of finances started other work, whilst still doing gym work part time! After years doing work I didn't enjoy I decided to go fulltime again in the health and fitness industry, by becoming a personal trainer, and sports massage therapist and I became a fully qualified and therapist PT in 2000.

Not one to sit on my laurels I have constantly added to my skills covering all aspects of fitness,  therapy, strength training and bodybuilding, cardio and aerobic conditioning, peak performance, curcuit training, olympic and power lifting, sports specific, nutrition and weight management, exercise for the elderly, postural correction and muscle balance therapy, exercise for lower back pain.

I also during my years came to understand the importance of the mind in training and weight loss so completed a lifecoaching course, as well as attending weight loss courses that involved changing peoples attitudes and habits! Nutrition is not just a job to me its also a hobby of which I have a great interest and keep up with all the latest science, unlike your GP!

As well as the gym I also offer muscle joint and back pain therapy, I originally did a course in sports massage and remedial therapy. Since then I've added more and more therapies includng NST(Advanced Bowen Therapy), Bowen Therapy, Dorn Method (a  very gentle and safe Spinal and Joint Correction Therapy) Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling, Medical Accupunture and Spinal Touch, Biomechanics. Add to these my Muscle Balance Therapy and Corrective Exercise, Doug heels powerful be activated technique and Exercise for Lower Back Pain!


I am constantly out performing NHS physios, Osteopaths and Chiropractor, physical therapists and physios when it comes to releaving back joint and muscle pain whether its just normal wear and tear or sporting injuries!


I am also very much into eastern practices and teach Yoga, Tai Chi ,Qi Gong, Meditation and Reiki, so you can see why I call my company the Mind Body and Soul Fitness Company as I try to cover all bases when it comes to Health and well being!

With over 30 year experience, knowledge and vast amounts of qualifications I  can quite happily, honestly, but humbly state myself to be the Leading Therapist, Personal Trainer, Fitness and Health Professional in the area.






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