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Back Pain Relief Buxton


When it comes to back pain I use a multifaceted approach to get fast results , that includes bulging discs which I can usually sort in 2 weeks and give great relief after first session! First its an assessement looking at problem and postural asessessment to see what the cause is . 

First thing is to reactivate postural muscles using the be activated technique, then I will correct any pelvic or vertabral misalignment using the very gentle DORN method. Then will look at the muscles to see if there is a problem there and if there is  I then correct using deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling and NST or Bowen Therapy! If its bulging disc will again activate postural muscles, use DORN method to correct pelvic and vetabral alignment, followed by spinal touch to improve the alignment of sacrum and spine and improve posture. This is follwed by spinal decompression using the Nubax Trio(no need for expensive IDD therapy), which I then lend out to my clients for the following few weeks, after which they are usually sorted! 

  Not to blow my own trumpet but I would say going by my experience and that of my clients who have quite often tried lots of other people before coming to me , I can humbly say I am a leader in the field of relieving back pain in the area!

To keep you pain free I show you how to do your own activations and give exercises to keep your posture correct and your back free and mobile !


Well...just wanted to share this in case any of you are struggling like I was for years...I had a bad back for years after getting siatica in my mid 20s....went see Anthony Sircar and thought if it just helps a bit then I've won...but....my back has never been as good for as long as I can remember...yes I keep it stretched up when I feel it loading up again but wow...what a great job ant did....so if your suffering go see Anthony Sircar ...topman topjob

Micheal Pritchard Buxton



So I've always had back pain for as long as I can remember. I think stemming from a car accident in 2011. I went for physio at a private practice because the NHS waiting list was too long. I couldn't work because I couldn't sit down due to lower back pain. I've been a dental nurse for 8 years so constantly lent over with very bad posture!

I've fallen off horses and down stairs once rather badly and bruised my coxics.

After changing jobs the pain has slowly got worse to the point where my whole body was out of whack and everything was hurting from my feet upwards. I now do a physically demanding job where I'm walking a lot during the day so need to be pain free. I paid to see a physio again in January as I thought the pain was coming from my knee. After sorting my knee out my back became progressively worse. I had regular manipulations with the physio and was given exercises which helped for a few days or so then the pain would return... then I came to see Anthony on advice from my Personal Trainer and after first session there was a massive release from my pain , 5 weeks down the line Im pain free for the first time in years !  Many thanks and Regards

Georgie Lawton Chapel en le frith



I have been in pain for eight years as a result of a car crash, which resulted in severe pain in the right upper area of my back, neck and arm. Over these years I have see my GP on numerous occasions who changed or added to my medication which included co-codamol, naproxen, omeprazole, lyrica, tramadol, amitriptyline, mirtazipine, Valium and fentanyl patches. I have been referred to physio, muscular skeletal surgeon and Pain consultant and had spinal injections of both anaesthetic and steroid and Botox injections into the tissues. Nothing showed up on either MRI scans, X -rays or ultra sound, in spite of having around seven lumps in the right area of my back. A physio at the pain clinic informed me that I had to accept that there was nothing that could be done but learn to live with it.

I have spent over £2000 in seeking help from physios, osteopaths and chiropractors, all to no avail, and was persuaded by my sister to give Anthony Sircar a try, as she had heard good reports of work from people he has helped. I am so relieved that I did.
In just five sessions of trigger therapy and bowens my pain has reduced so significantly I have managed to come off all of my medications and I am now looking forward to the future. I am amazed at how effective treatment has been and can't thank Anthony enough!

Lindsey Brookes Buxton


After seeing an advert in a local magazine and reading testimonials on his website, my wife thought I should try yet another therapist and made me an appointment with Ant Sircar.
I’ve been suffering with lower back pain/sciatica for over twenty years, had two operations on my knee and struggled to sleep due to pain. I know you cannot mend wear and tear but the comfort of being pain free, rather than just putting up with it is unbelievable. Over the years, I have spent thousands of pounds on physio’s, doctors, scans etc. and to wake up in the mornings to say I have no pain is amazing. I would recommend treatment by Ant to anyone, sceptics included, a therapist who knows what he is doing, truly amazing results,

many thanks – Tony Davis, Buxton



Have been suffering with bad back pain for 8 months after recovering from an accident that fractured my L1 vertebrae.  Went to the Drs who gave me pain killers and sent me for physio which didn't work. I then went to an osteopaths and sports masseuse which didn't work either,  so I went back to Drs who sent me back to physio with no results again, then it was  back to Drs who increased my pain killers and gave me a pain management leaflet and told me to learn to live with it!  My mum then suggested I see Ant after hearing good reports about him, he recognized the problem immediately and after first session I didn't need painkillers and haven't had any since, 3 sessions later I feel normal again for first time in ages!  


Jessica Limer  Harpur Hill

Well after 3 weeks almost bedridden with bulging disc, excruciating pain, dosed up on pain killers, and Dr advising operation, I was advised by a friend to see Ant after first session pain was at least 80% reduced and after 3 sessions and the use of Anthony decompression machine the pain is as good as gone! He has advised me to keep using machine   and as given me postural correction exercises so I won't be having op after all. Thanks so much Ant extremely grateful 

Joe Blackham Buxton

Well   I'm happy to say I'm now of the painkillers I've been taking for the last 19months. I have been under the NHS had X rays  MRI scans the lot for my back and hip pain.  also seen  chiropractors, physios etc!   After seeing Anthony's advert in the Buxton Advertiser I decided to give him a try and I'm so glad I did, 3 treatments and my  back feels great now !

Andrew Western  Litton


I recently suffered with a painful back I was having treatment with a local osteopath where I had visited at least five times. There was no sign of any real improvement at all when a friend  recommended  Anthony, after first visit I had a huge improvement and 2 sessions later my pain was resolved and my back was 100%, so therefore any physical problems with your body I would certainly recommend Anthony.

Jonny Hacking Buxton

Well I was sceptical but hopeful  when first went to Anthony after seeing his testimonials on facebook!  I had been suffering chronic back pain for the last 25 years, bad enough for me to have to retire early from a job! I had seen chiropractors, physios NHS etc ive seen them all, I even had radio therapy to deaden the nerves in my back which lasted about 3 weeks. After all this I was sent to the pain management clinic by the docs and told I will just have to learn to live with it! After my first visit with Anthony I had a massive reduction in pain and  6 weeks later I'm pain free and have got my life back. Can't thank you enough Anthony !

Ray Thompson Buxton


Was advised to see Anthony by my daughter as I have been suffering with a bad back since I left school and the last ten years have had constant sciatica shifting from one leg to the other. I've done the rounds NHS physio, other therapist and modalities etc I've tried them all. 5 weeks later with therapy, advice on exercise and equipment my back pain and sciatica have gone! 

Many thanks Anthony Micheal Boam Flag


Having had and operation on my hips as a child and hip replacement 15 years ago, I had very painful back and hips, which severely restricted what I could do. I have tried chiropractic and physio with the NHS with little relief. I came to Anthony on a personal recommendation, after 2 sessions I could stand upright again and was far more mobile with huge pain relief. 2 more sessions and I no longer need to take pain killers which I was constantly taking previously.

Extremely grateful Anthony Margaret Isherwood Tideswell


After visiting numerous and different therapist to get pain relief for what I thought was arthritis in my hip I got no real results, Whilst on holiday in the hotel was a Dorn Therapist and after giving him a try the results were great so much so on the return I had to search for one in England and found Anthony. Not only does he do Dorn but numerous other therapies depending on your issue, well the results have been amazing not only has the pain gone from my hips but my constant back ache from spinal stenosis has gone. 

I personally cannot thank him enough Sheila Drewitt Rotherham


After years of suffering leg pain and sciatica, spending hundreds of pounds at the osteopaths and having no joy at the Doctors I am now without pain and fully mobile. Thanks to Anthony... the man’s a genius.

Hugh Macleod  Connel 


Having spent almost £500 pounds at a local osteopaths, then about 10 visits to NHS physio I still had no relief from my sciatica and had been on pain killers for 7 years. A friend advised me to go see Anthony. After 4 treatments and an exercise programme I am off my pain killers and feel best I have in years.

Damien Martin  Oban



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