Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist, Trauma Healer, Advanced Body Worker and Holistic Therapist tel 01298436234 mob 07977500771
      Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist, Trauma Healer,         Advanced Body Worker and Holistic Therapist                 tel  01298436234  mob 07977500771

NST Buxton

NST Health www.nsthealth.com was founded by Michael Nixon-Livy in 1991 and is a highly effective treatment of lower back, neck and spinal conditions for rapid pain relief and improved health. This Spinal Integration technique when applied to the body NST stimulates a rapid and profound reduction in pain while quickly increasing energy levels and stimulating better health. Once applied, the typical response of the body to NST is to deeply relax which is followed by a spontaneous self-correction (auto-regulation) and recalibration process, that is mediated primarily via the muscular, nervous, visceral and endocrine systems. The process of auto-regulation may take anywhere from one to five days to be fully complete after which NST is applied for the second time. Depending on results achieved after the second application further sessions may or may not be necessary. Soft tissue osteopathy Statistically approximately 85% of individuals receiving NST report significant or total resolution of their health condition after 2-3 NST sessions. Although NST may be used for any health condition in any age group, it is highly regarded for its effectiveness in resolving all structural conditions including back pain, neck pain, shoulder and wrist pain, knee and ankle pain, accident and sporting injuries. NST is sometimes referred to as soft tissue osteopathy or chiropractic however its scope of application extends beyond osteopathy and chiropractic alone by attending to both the psychological and nutritional needs of the human organism as they may relate to the individual. Perhaps no other method on the planet today more completely satisfies Edison’s vision as NST Spinal Integration does! 


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