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 Physical Body Therapy Testimonials                                        


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30 year issue fixed and migraine fixed !

After suffering for 30 years with pain in my upper spine I saw an advert of Anthony’s and decided to give him a try. I had previously tried everything to sort it, osteopaths, chiropractors, physio’s and the muscular skeletal specialist at NHS which also included an MRI scan.  This brought to light a problem with my brain ‘chiari malformation’ followed by brain surgery to fix it, the op though left me with constant migraines which Iv’e suffered with for 4 years and needed daily medication (tramadol). Anthony not only fixed my spine in 2 sessions he also cured my migraines using of all things a tuning fork, how I don’t know something about current of injury?  So I’m now pain free for the first time in years, cant thank you enough Anthony !

                                                                           Sue Dilworth Buxton


10 year issue fixed with an unexpected bonus !

Amazed with my results, I had had pain and discomfort in my groin for about 10 years quite often it would just cramp up and I could hardly move. I’ve seen specialists, surgeons, MRI scans, ultrasound scans the lot with NHS. I have also seen just about every therapist going , osteopaths, chiropractors, physio’s etc etc the list goes on. Well unbelievably after just one session with Ant the discomfort had virtually gone, a few sessions later  it has gone. Not only this but Anthony also diagnosed the problem causing my irritable bowel ‘gluten intolerance’ with a very simple test. That issue as been far better since giving up gluten he also really lowered my stress levels immensely by tuning my biofield  . I really can’t say enough about Ant in the field in which he works he has a gift !    

                                                             Ryan Higgins Buxton


Personal Best after year with bad back 

I had been in pain with my back and not able to train properly for nearly a year, I had been having regular physio with NHS who told me I had bulging discs. However the work I was doing with the NHS was not getting me any ware so decided to go see Anthony and Mind Body and Soul. Anthony examined me and told me he didn’t think I had bulging discs but just in case lent me one of his spinal stretch machines. Just 2 sessions including trigger point therapy, spinal realignment and muscle activations I felt the best I have in years . Anthony also showed me some really good techniques for improving my squats, 2 weeks later I was back in the gym hitting personal best. 

                                          Highly recommended Liam Thor


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 Strong man career saved

I train for and compete in strong man competitions, over the last 6 months have had real problems with back pain that was having a major impact on my training and my daily life.  Iv’e spent literally thousands of pounds trying to sort it out, tried osteopaths, chiropractors, physios, sports therapist, you name it Ive tried it, been all over the place trying to find someone who could fix me. A friend recommended I see Anthony after getting  good results herself, I’m so pleased I followed her advice.  I’m now back training normally again and not constantly waking up in pain. 

   thanks for all the help and advice anthony     

                 Craig Hughes Liverpool 

London Marathon completed thanks to Anthony

Working as a farrier is highly physical and heavy work and with this comes lots of problems with my body.  Had my back go which virtually crippled me, my shoulder giving me so much pain couldn’t sleep and tennis elbow making it really painful to use my hammer. Each time Anthony sorted me out n a couple of sessions . Recently whilst training for London marathon my achilles became very painful, I thought it was the end of my marathon, a couple of sessions with Anthony though and I was back training and have just completed the London marathon. Cant thank you enough Anthony for keeping me right

                       Mark Caley Buxton

Kept me in work !

Well just want to say if you have been struggling with a bad back like I have for years, then go see Anthony Sircar, my back was that bad at one time I had to leave my job. This happened again in my present job, I could hardly move and was in constant pain. I was thinking  I would have to leave my job again which quite often involves heavy shovelling.  The NHS were not much help to be honest, but after 3 sessions with Ant I feel great again no problem with my back in fact it feel better than it has in years.

       Cheers Ant top man top job

                Micheal Pritchard

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Managed to compete after all !

With just a week to go before my cross fit competition my back went,  I held little to no hope of competing. I was in constant pain, couldn’t hardly sleep because of the pain, bending over was virtually impossible. Well 2 intense sessions later I was 100% better  and completed 4 intense workouts as part of cross fit competition no problem.

   Very grateful and literally can’t                        recommend you enough


               Carl Nolan Buxton

12 year issue fixed 

I have had a dodgy shoulder for about 12 years now, when it first flared up I had NHS physio sessions with no joy at all, I also had a 7 sessions with local osteopath who in the end let me go as he didn't know what else to do with it, as nothing he tried had worked . Whilst having some other work done by Anthony Sircar I mentioned my shoulder. He had a quick look and said he could sort it no bother. Well just 1 session later and it feels great already, amazing !  


       Many thanks Tim Belfield Buxton

Saved from uneeded spinal operation

I approached mind body and soul with a ongoing hand problem the prognosis was as follows;
Duration of problem in right hand 6 months fingers locking for long spells in various contortions with no prior warning of logical reason.Seeking initial medical advice and treatment painkillers and reference to spinal problems with possibilities of an risky operation which I of course wanted to avoid it possible i had heard good reviews of Mr Sircars treatments after the first visit which identified the problems being knotted muscles in the forearm after intense treatment on the first visit I've had no repeat of the problem a second visit complemented the first and the good thing is after seeing a consultant i do not need an operation. I would like to recomend a visit to Mr Sircar for a multitude of ailments he covers well done thanks.

 Peter Newman Age 67 Buxton


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Fixed after trying everyone else.

Have been suffering with bad back pain for 8 months after recovering from an accident that fractured my L1 vertebrae. Went to the Drs who gave me pain killers and sent me for physio which didn't work. I then went to an osteopaths and sports masseuse which didn't work either, so I went back to Drs who sent me back to physio with no results again, then it was back to Drs who increased my pain killers and gave me a pain management leaflet and told me to learn to live with it! My mum then suggested I see Ant after hearing good reports about him, he recognized the problem immediately and after first session I didn't need painkillers and haven't had any since, 3 sessions later I feel normal again for first time in ages!
Jessica Limer Harpur Hill

Six year issue fixed 

I had been suffering with a very painful arm and shoulder it got that bad it was restricting my movement, this had been a constant pain for over 6 years.I finally went to the Drs who without much examination diagnosed frozen shoulder and prescribed amitriptyline and physio. The medication was terrible I couldn't function, the physio just made it worse, so I just gave up and put up with the terrible pain. A friend then recommended Anthony Sircar and after just 2 sessions I can't believe I have absolutely no pain at all. I have regained all movement in my arm no grinding pain or pins and needle sensation has totally gone its amazing I can't thank you enough your an angel and I would definitely recommend Anthony to everyone I know  Joanne Brindley Buxton

2 year issue fixed 

Cant believe the results I have had , after 2 years with a bad back, loads of physio appointments, specialists, 2 MRI scans, eventually being discharged as they couldn’t find the  problem , I’m now pain free after just 2 sessions with Anthony . I wish I had seen him earlier to be honest because as well as a bad back I had a pain in my side , which the Drs thought might be my gall bladder and even though no stones were found after ultrasound and nothing showed after camera down my throat they still decided to take my gallbladder out, the pain did not go.  It has now though! Anthony knew what it was straight away and sorted it out , unbelievable and thank you very much  Anthony .

                                     Mark Hartley Buxton






        Fibromyalgia and anxiety gone !

I initially sought Anthony's help for some bowen therapy for fibromyalgia , this did reduce the symptoms. Whilst having treatment I mentioned my anxiety which Ant said he could help with as it is usually related to past trauma, he also suggested that past trauma was connected to the fibromyalgia . So after some Biofield and EFT my anxiety as gone and I'm pain free.

I would recommend Anthony as his knowledge and skills regarding releasing trauma and the effect it has on your body are excellent.

Louise Hallam High Peak





Fibromyalgia pain gone !

I was suffering with quite severe back pain and general discomfort in my body so I went to see Anthony on a recommendation. After doing some initial massage on me that was rather painful Anthony suspected I had fibromyalgia and decided to do Bowen therapy instead. During the treatments with Anthony the Drs diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and also blood sugar issues.  As well as the Bowen therapy Anthony  advised me to go on a low GL diet  and gave me all the information I needed. Well I’m now pain free, have more energy than I have had in years and have lost 2st 9lb.

       Very big thank you Anthony Pauline Boam Buxton





 Injuries fixed, migraine fixed and phobia fixed!


I am a regular cross fitter and with that sometimes comes injuries, in the past I used to go to physiotherapists, my go to therapists now is Anthony as he gets the jobs done a lot quicker and more efficiently which also saves me a lot of money.  Whilst having a session with Anthony I mentioned my unusual form of migraine (constant smell of cooked bacon) and he asked me if he could try working on it with his tuning fork , as I was lay there with needles in me anyway I agreed. Well 2 sessions later my migraine as gone which is pretty amazing. Not only that because of an accident doing box jumped I had become pretty phobic about doing them and got really stressed about them when competition time came . I had previously tried hypnosis to no avail, Anthony suggested some EFT which we did for about an hour, I later sent him a video of me box jumping with no problem.


          Thanks Anthony for all your help Sarah Housley New Mills



                                                            8 year issue fixed 

I’ve been training in the Martial arts for 18 years. I injured my back around 8 years ago. Over time I’ve received treatment off 3 different Osteopath’s and 2 physiotherapists. It helped but every time I trained my back would go into spasm and lock up. I had to give up training in the end. In November 2017 after having another back spasm while painting a a window sill I went to see Anthony. I had 3 treatment sessions with Anthony. Nearly 9 months later my back hasn’t had a spasm, I’m back to training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3 to 4 times a week.


                                                      Very grateful indeed Neil Maltby Buxton


                                           15 year issue fixed

I have suffered with an ongoing upper back problem on and off for the last 15 years, in the past I have been to the doctors, had physio therapy, as well as seeing local osteopaths etc all of which managed to provide short term relief but never actually fixed the problem. Over time having problems with my back became normal and I learnt to live with the discomfort until recently when the problem became significantly worse. I had pain and discomfort as well as a constant pins and needles sensation in my upper back and down my left arm, all of this also left me with limited movement in my left shoulder. I decided to go and see Anthony after he was recommend to me by a friend , within minutes of explaining my symptoms Anthony diagnosed the route cause of my ongoing problem, and after two sessions my problem has been resolved. Anthony has also given me advice and support on things I can do from home to stop the problem reoccurring. Anthony is clearly very knowledgeable in his field and also skilled in multiple treatments and therefore can adapt the sessions to meet the needs of his clients. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone struggling with joint/back pain as I am confident he has fixed the route cause of the problem and not just treated my symptoms to provide short term relief

                                         Rachel Slater- Buxton


                                                           Restless Legs gone

For a few years I had felt unwell which ultimately led to me having an operation in 2016, great I thought now thats over with I can get on with life! 

12 months post op although back to full health I was still experiencing the creeping feelings in my thighs, arms (my elbows being quite painful) and groin which woke me three or four times during the night (which I'd previously put down to my illness) and only subsided once I'd got up out of bed and moved around.

Intermittently my legs would also become very uncomfortable when settling down for the night, the only way I could relieve them was to constantly move my legs and twirl my feet for an hour or so before the feelings subsided.

I made an appointment with Ant (a friend recommended him), explained my symptoms and he advised the Bowen Therapy would be the best therapy for my symptoms. I was more than a little sceptical I have to say and thought well I'm here now so in for a penny....

During the treatment I could feel myself becoming very relaxed, peaceful and calm, after the session finished Ant advised I would go into a detox state and feel sore, emotional, possibly have a headache and feel very tired, he was not wrong! but I took his advice and drank plenty of fluids to help flush the toxins out.

The next day I realised the pain in my elbows had disappeared and has not returned to since! not bad for someone who hated putting the car into reverse because it was so painful. Over the next 6 weeks the therapy sessions have resulted in my sleep, mood and energy levels improving, the creeping feelings have completely dissapeared in my arms and groin and legs!


I highly recommend checking out a Bowen therapy session if you’re suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome, ... Thank you Ant its been a journey well worth having.


                                                  Janet White Buxton


  I was really suffering with a pain in my left buttock so I went to the Drs, he diagnosed me with sciatica and gave me pain killers. I wanted it sorting though, so went to a local osteopath who also diagnosed me with sciatica and put me on a course of IDD therapy. Well after 6 sessions in and £300 spent the pain was worse, so I decided to go see Anthony after recommendations from quite a few people. Within 5 mins of assessment he informed me it wasn't sciatica at all and went about working on the trigger point in my buttock. I left virtually pain free after first session and three session later it is as good as gone. 

Thanks for your help Anthony

                                  Much appreciated Mary.Jenkins Buxton




  I was suffering severe hip and leg pain which I though was sciatica, so went to Drs who also thought is was sciatica and gave me anti -inflamatories!  He couldn’t get me in with the physio for at least a month so I went to local osteopath for help, he gave me 3 sessions of IDD therapy for sciatica which didn't help at all, so I stopped the sessions. Was after this Anthony's name was mentioned to me by numerous people so I decided to try him! 

Anthony quickly diagnosed that it wasn't sciatica and went about working on the problem, after first session the pain was greatly reduced and 5 sessions later I feel like a new woman!

                     Thanks Anthony so very grateful Linda Ritchie Buxton



  I have arthritis, peripheral neuropathy and bulging discs in my lower back and have been in constant pain for about 4 years. My doctor kept upping the pain killing medication until I could hardly function and had be referred to a pain specialist who helped me to get down to a safer level of medication but the pain was almost unbearable at times. I returned to my GP who said that I'd have to learn to live with it but he was happy for me to seek alternative help.

Finding Anthony on the internet and reading his testimonials decided me to give him a try and I am so glad that I did. After the first session of Bowen therapy my pain was noticeably reduced and I was a lot more mobile. Now after 3 sessions and dietary advice I am better than I could have imagined.
I would recommend Anthony to everyone and just wished that I'd found him sooner.

                                                Rita Hurst Buxton



                                                       Long term issue fixed at last 


  So I've always had back pain for as long as I can remember. I think stemming from a car accident in 2011. I went for physio at a private practice because the NHS waiting list was too long. I couldn't work because I couldn't sit down due to lower back pain. I've been a dental nurse for 8 years so constantly lent over with very bad posture!

I've fallen off horses and down stairs once rather badly and bruised my coxics.

After changing jobs the pain has slowly got worse to the point where my whole body was out of whack and everything was hurting from my feet upwards. I now do a physically demanding job where I'm walking a lot during the day so need to be pain free. I paid to see a physio again in January as I thought the pain was coming from my knee. After sorting my knee out my back became progressively worse. I had regular manipulations with the physio and was given exercises which helped for a few days or so then the pain would return... then I came to see Anthony on advice from my Personal Trainer and after first session there was a massive release from my pain , 5 weeks down the line Im pain free for the first time in years !  Many thanks and Regards

                                                  Georgie Lawton Chapel en le frith



  I have been regularly treated by Anthony for around the past year in which time he has enabled me to carry on with a job I was on the verge of having to leave due to a work related shoulder injury.

Prior to commencing treatment with Anthony I had been seen by various NHS professionals including orthopaedic surgeons and physios. As well as various private pain specialists including a current Olympic physiotherapist.  All of these health care professionals had been unable to assist fully with my shoulder problems and Anthony was able to help almost immediately, so much so that a year later I am still travelling an hour each way to see him for treatment.

In addition, I feel that his broad range of skills, both complementary and direct allow him to deal successfully with a multitude of conditions.

                                                              Thanks very much!! Mark Urbanski 


                                                            8 Year issue fixed

  I have been in pain for eight years as a result of a car crash, which resulted in severe pain in the right upper area of my back, neck and arm. Over these years I have see my GP on numerous occasions who changed or added to my medication which included co-codamol, naproxen, omeprazole, lyrica, tramadol, amitriptyline, mirtazipine, Valium and fentanyl patches. I have been referred to physio, muscular skeletal surgeon and Pain consultant and had spinal injections of both anaesthetic and steroid and Botox injections into the tissues. Nothing showed up on either MRI scans, X -rays or ultra sound, in spite of having around seven lumps in the right area of my back. A physio at the pain clinic informed me that I had to accept that there was nothing that could be done but learn to live with it.

I have spent over £2000 in seeking help from physios, osteopaths and chiropractors, all to no avail, and was persuaded by my sister to give Anthony Sircar a try, as she had heard good reports of work from people he has helped. I am so relieved that I did.
In just five sessions of trigger therapy and bowens my pain has reduced so significantly I have managed to come off all of my medications and I am now looking forward to the future. I am amazed at how effective treatment has been and can't thank Anthony enough!

                                                          Lindsey Brookes Buxton



                                                Polymyalgia pain gone!

I have polymyalgia which had left me in constant pain and discomfort even with medication particularly my lower back. I had heard Bowen therapy could help so went to Anthony for some Bowen, after first session I noticed great improvement, 2 more sessions later I was pain free except for a problem with my shoulder which Anthony sorted with other therapy. I was also able to return to work after a long lay off.

                   Can’t thank you enough Anthony Brian Mycock Buxton




                                                     Long term issue fixed

After seeing an advert in a local magazine and reading testimonials on his website, my wife thought I should try yet another therapist and made me an appointment with Ant Sircar.
I’ve been suffering with lower back pain/sciatica for over twenty years, had two operations on my knee and struggled to sleep due to pain. I know you cannot mend wear and tear but the comfort of being pain free, rather than just putting up with it is unbelievable. Over the years, I have spent thousands of pounds on physio’s, doctors, scans etc. and to wake up in the mornings to say I have no pain is amazing. I would recommend treatment by Ant to anyone, sceptics included, a therapist who knows what he is doing, truly amazing results,

                                             many thanks – Tony Davis, Buxton


  I've had a problem with my left arm for a couple of years now after being very active in the gym,  I started to get what I can only describe as golfers elbow which was a pain, this then progressed into full blown tennis elbow, at first I would just manage the discomfort and attempt to self correct it. However over time it got a lot worse, so much so that I had to seek medical help. I self referred myself for physio, which mainly entailed me getting weekly ultra sounds done and some very minor massage. I then went to see an osteopath who did a far more intensive massage and ultra sound therapy on the elbow. Unfortunately none of these did any real good, the pain was back. Then once again I was in the gym when I got a huge pain in my arm,  my arm swelled up and I was unable to move it for a few days. This was when I realised I had to sort this once and for all. Luckily for me I saw that Anthony was going to be visiting his home town for a short while and he had asked if anyone needed any treatment. I've known Anthony for a good number of years and remember even when he first started his journey of healing he had helped my mum with a troublesome back. So I instantly set up an appointment!   I am so glad I did. Anthony worked on my arm using various techniques for a good while. And the result is my arm is a lot better. Better than it has been in a long time. Better than with any other treatment or lotions and potions. It's not 100% yet, but as soon as Anthony is back I'll be having further treatment.

                                                        Mark Allard Buxton

                                            Mystery face pain fixed

   Had 4 years of pain in my face that was uncomfortable to say the least, numerous visits to the Drs and Dentists resulting in having 2 teeth out, a painful sinus operation to no avail, and neurologists consultation who diagnosed me with neuralgia and side locked migraine, I ended up constantly on medication which made me feel almost as bad as the pain.   I had seen Anthony’s testimonials on facebook so decided to message him, He said he had a good idea what it was and yes he could help.  On first visit Anthony identified the problem immediately “trigger points”, after 2 sessions the pain as gone and if I feel it coming back again Anthony has shown me how to relieve it myself! 

                        Thanks so much Anthony Angela Cogin Buxton


                          Fixed after trying everyone else! 

Have been suffering with bad back pain for 8 months after recovering from an accident that fractured my L1 vertebrae.  Went to the Drs who gave me pain killers and sent me for physio which didn't work. I then went to an osteopaths and sports masseuse which didn't work either,  so I went back to Drs who sent me back to physio with no results again, then it was  back to Drs who increased my pain killers and gave me a pain management leaflet and told me to learn to live with it!  My mum then suggested I see Ant after hearing good reports about him, he recognized the problem immediately and after first session I didn't need painkillers and haven't had any since, 3 sessions later I feel normal again for first time in ages!  


                                                      Jessica Limer  Harpur Hill

                                               Asthma gone !

Have had asthma since I was 40 and when I was having a particularly bad bout of weazing I had some Bowen of Anthony that instantly relieved my symptoms . 4 Bowen Sessions later and on Anthony's advice giving up wheat and gluten and using aloe juice to heal my gut I no longer need my steroids or have to use my inhaler which I had to regularly beforehand !

             Thank you Ant I feel much better now Julie Bainbridge Buxton


                               Knee pain fixed after NHS stumped!

Just want to say that Ant Sircar is the bee's knees he seriously knows his profession. I've really struggled with very achie knees and my joints pop in and out very painful through many years of sports activities and I went to the doctors and they gave me x rays and blood tests physio the lot and nothing could be done so I went to Anthony Sircar and after my first session my knees and honestly back to how they were! I can do everything again, I can't thank Ant enough I couldn't do my job properly either but now I'm more than OK to do what I do cheers Ant you are a serious professional that deserves merit!

                                                    Deano Melland Buxton


                                                  Fertility fixed 

I was trying for a baby for just over a year year. Then I heard from a family member that Anthony did a therapy which could help with fertility called Bowen. . So I contacted him! I had 4 weekly sessions, combined with losing weight and eating more healthily on Anthony's advice and became pregnant. I am now just over 20 weeks.

                      Thank you so much Anthony. Fiona Wardle Buxton


                        Saved from back operation!

 Well after 3 weeks almost bedridden with bulging disc, excruciating pain, dosed up on pain killers, and Dr advising operation, I was advised by a friend to see Ant after first session pain was at least 80% reduced and after 3 sessions and the use of Anthony decompression machine the pain is as good as gone! He has advised me to keep using machine   and as given me postural correction exercises so I won't be having op after all. Thanks so much Ant extremely grateful 

                                           Joe Blackham Buxton



 Shoulder fixed after NHS stumped !

Been struggling with my shoulder for 18 months  leading to physiotherapy and doctors they put it down to nerve in my neck but still had no relief from physio. My firend Caz Berrisford paid for me to go see Anthony Sircar after having great results herself!  I had 2 sessions in a week and can't believe the difference!! 90% better in little over a week! Can't recommend this man enough!!

       Massive thanks                        Ryan Downings   Buxton


           2 years of physio with no joy fixed in 2 sessions!

5 weeks ago I had constant pain in my neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee! I had been having physio therapy every week for over 2 years, and although it was helping me it wasn't getting sorted.  My personal trainer recommended I try Anthony so I took her advice and so glad I did after 3 sessions with Ant, I have no pain at all! You have magic hands Ant I’m extremely grateful and happy I found you. 

                                 Helen Wardle Chapel en le frith 



2 year back and hip pain gone in 3 sessions!

Well   I'm happy to say I'm now of the painkillers I've been taking for the last 19months. I have been under the NHS had X rays  MRI scans the lot for my back and hip pain.  also seen  chiropractors, physios etc!   After seeing Anthony's advert in the Buxton Advertiser I decided to give him a try and I'm so glad I did, 3 treatments and my  back feels great now !

                                         Andrew Western  Litton



I first visited Anthony with a back problem the day before I was travelling 350 miles. After a 1 hour session I was able to travel on holiday without pain or discomfort, AMAZING!!!!!!! I mentioned to Anthony I had been told I needed a hip replacement after suffering restricted movement and pain for years. Anthony said he thought the pain was trigger points in the hip muscles. 3 visits later the results are nothing short of amazing!! No pain killers or Ibuprofen tablets for weeks now . I cannot recommend Anthony highly enough. An absolute miracle worker. 

                              Val Green Whaley Bridge


               Fixed after 4 years of pain and physio from NHS !

  After visiting doctors. Scans, injections and physio on my hip for 4 years I got to see ant after returning to Buxton. 1 hour treatment and I have been pain free for nearly a week. It's made such a difference in my life.   Cannot thank you enough Anthony .  

                          Caroline Jacques Chesterfield


I recently suffered with a painful back I was having treatment with an osteopath where I had visited at least five times. There was no sign of any real improvement at all when a friend  recommended  Anthony, after first visit I had a huge improvement and 2 sessions later my pain was resolved and my back was 100%, so therefore any physical problems with your body I would certainly recommend Anthony.

                                       Jonny Hacking Buxton


                   25 years of back pain gone!

Well I was sceptical but hopeful  when first went to Anthony after seeing his testimonials on facebook!  I had been suffering chronic back pain for the last 25 years, bad enough for me to have to retire early from a job! I had seen chiropractors, physios NHS etc ive seen them all, I even had radio therapy to deaden the nerves in my back which lasted about 3 weeks. After all this I was sent to the pain management clinic by the docs and told I will just have to learn to live with it! After my first visit with Anthony I had a massive reduction in pain and  6 weeks later I'm pain free and have got my life back. Can't thank you enough Anthony !

                             Ray Thompson Buxton


      Neck pain gone after trying every therapist going!

After dancing competitively for almost twenty years, I now suffer with all kinds of ailments, the most painful being my neck. After trying numerous physio's, chiropractors, sports therapists etc, over the last ten years, nothing seemed to help. From hearing great things about Anthony, I decided to get in touch, although I honestly felt like everyone else he wouldn’t be able to help. After only few sessions I could feel a difference and I am now finally relieved of my constant neck pain. Definitely worth it! 

                                   Victoria. Coultas - Buxton


                                                 10 years of sciatica gone!

Was advised to see Anthony by my daughter as I have been suffering with a bad back since I left school and the last ten years have had constant sciatica shifting from one leg to the other. I've done the rounds NHS physio, other therapist and modalities etc I've tried them all. 5 weeks later with therapy, advice on exercise and equipment my back pain and sciatica have gone! 

                        Many thanks Anthony Micheal Boam Flag


    Was suffering with serious hip and back pain so went to the Drs, without much explanation he told me to take Ibuprofen and if it didn’t work he would give me a steroid injection. A friend advised me to see Anthony and after one session I felt like a different person and the hip and back pain had completely gone!  Would I recommend him yes definitely, without hesitation’

Micheal Cook Buxton


Having had and operation on my hips as a child and hip replacement 15 years ago, I had very painful back and hips, which severely restricted what I could do. I have tried chiropractic and physio with the NHS with little relief. I came to Anthony on a personal recommendation, after 2 sessions I could stand upright again and was far more mobile with huge pain relief. 2 more sessions and I no longer need to take pain killers which I was constantly taking previously.

Extremely grateful Anthony Margaret Isherwood Tideswell


After being in constant pain in my arm and shoulder over the last 2 years and at my wits end a friend advised me to go see Anthony. Prior to this the Dr had prescribed me numerous pain relief medication and several visits to the physio none of which relieved the problem. After 3rd session with Anthony I have regained nearly full use of my arm and at last getting a decent night’s sleep. 

Thanks Anthony so very grateful for your help Jane Lisser Buxton


After visiting numerous and different therapist to get pain relief for what I thought was arthritis in my hip I got no real results, Whilst on holiday in the hotel was a Dorn Therapist and after giving him a try the results were great so much so on the return I had to search for one in England and found Anthony. Not only does he do Dorn but numerous other therapies depending on your issue, well the results have been amazing not only has the pain gone from my hips but my constant back ache from spinal stenosis has gone. 

I personally cannot thank him enough Sheila Drewitt Rotherham




Having had really painful hips for over 6 months I was beginning to despair, I’m am now pain free and a lot more mobile thanks to Anthony.

Liz Mackenzie  Oban

I suffered with constant lower back pain for 12 months following an accident. After spending a fortune with an osteopath and seeing no results I went to see Ant on the recommendation of a friend. I saw an immediate difference after 1 treatment, and after 4 treatments I am now virtually pain free. I cannot recommend Ant highly enough– not only did he get to the cause of my original problem (which the NHS missed), he is also focused upon ensuring I remain pain free on a long term basis by working on postural correction and devising a suitable exercise program for me which I can do in my own home. If you are suffering with back problems then I would strongly recommend you give Ant a call – don’t suffer for months on end like I did. I only wish I had seen him sooner!

Louise Macbrayne  Benderloch

I was suffering with chronic back pain and was sleeping downstairs as walking - never mind climbing the stairs - was agony. So I went to Doctors who prescribed medication and physiotherapy unfortunately neither worked!  I was beginning to despair and thinking nothing would work when my son suggested Anthony who had done some good  work on his shoulder! He did therapy on my back which gave me immediate relief, after a thorough examination 4 more treatments and a postural correction programme I felt huge relief from pain. That was back in June and - while I still have the occasional twinge -my back has improved hugely. I have lost weight and I no longer need painkillers. I was particularly impressed by the fact that Anthony explained what was causing my back problems and as well as him working on my back he gave me tools to fix it too!

Many Many Thanks!

Susan Pagan  near Oban


I had been suffering with regular back pain so decided to make appointment with Anthony who fixed my back after 2 sessions and gave a exercise programme to keep it right, I have not suffered since! During the treatment I mentioned that I thought had arthritis in my thumb and how I couldn’t open jars etc within 10 minutes of treatment the pain in my thumb to my amazement was gone and could grip again. Anthony showed me the cause a trigger point and how to work on it myself so not only as my back pain gone but I can use my hand again!

Jackie Handley  Seil

I first went to Anthony with pain in my hips and knees as I thought I was developing arthritis, Anthony identified the problem to be in the muscles caused by misaligned hips and bad posture and after a few treatment and a specific exercise programme the pain as dramatically decreased and is getting better all the time. 

I had also been suffering with severe headaches for years and they were increasing in frequency, they had been medically investigated and I was diagnosed with atypical migraine. Anthony suggested they could be from my posture and active trigger points in the face and neck which he worked on and showed me how to self treat. My headaches have improved immensely and if I feel one coming on I am learning to stop them now without automatically reaching for the pain killers. Unbelievable! Anthony does not only give treatment – he wants clients to be able to self-treat and sustain what has been done without haemorrhaging money and he empowers them to do so.

Fantastic and many, many thanks!

Lucy Files

I fell out of a tree when I was 9 and as I have grown older I have developed back pain that has got worse and worse, I’m now 18! Having been under the NHS physio’s for some while, they eventually told me that the muscles were in spasm in my left lower spine, prescribed me pain killers and let me go! I have had 2 spinal touch treatments off Anthony and am now pain free, amazing!

Emma Wilkinson  Oban

Having read one of Anthony’s adverts in the West Coast Review and how one client who was due a replacement hip no longer needed it, I decided to give Ant a call as I was due a hip replacement op myself! After 3 treatments and specific exercises I am now pain free and won’t be having hip replacement after all!

Many thanks Anthony

Gwen Cameron  Oban

I had been suffering with sciatica and leg pain for quite a while and ended up feeling unconfident as my leg was giving in and collapsing underneath me,  I had taken to using a walking stick for support which I didn’t like as I’m a very independent lady! I tried all sorts of treatments: NHS Physio’s, Osteopaths as well as many other therapies offered in the area! I was only getting temporary relief and didn’t think I would ever regain my mobility! After 4 treatments and some exercises from Anthony I am now pain free, no longer need my walking stick and have regained my confidence.

Thank you so much Anthony

Katy Mackinnon  Oban

I had been struggling to walk as I had an heavy leg and weakness in my shoulders and arms, so I went to Anthony for therapy. After the first treatment my leg improved and my arms regained all their strength, and after the second treatment I could walk properly and my leg felt normal again! It was during this time that I was diagnosed with MS and the weakness in my arms and heavy leg were symptoms of the MS. To my amazement the spinal touch and bowen had virtually cleared up all my symptoms and I feel a lot better. Anthony also gave me lots of dietary advice which has led me to have lots more energy. More than I had before I developed MS!

Thanks so much Anthony

Julie Macinness  Oban


Just a note to say a huge thank you for the treatment to my back and pelvis which has been an on-going problem for a long time now. I have seen osteopaths, chiropractors, physio’s etc without lasting results. Not only did you recognise and correct the problem straight away but your on-going remedial treatment, exercises and dietary advice have proved to be of enormous benefit and I am feeling better than I have done for years.

Once again many thanks

Andrew Montgomery  Inveraray

After over 20 visits to the local osteopath with constant neck pain and finding no improvement. I saw an article of Anthony’s in the local review and decided to give him a try. After 2 sessions I was pain free for the first time in 2 years ! Anthony also explained to me what was causing it and gave me info on how to keep pain free.

Many Thanks Anthony

Craig Darbyshire  Oban

After 5 visits to local osteopaths with pain in my bum and back of leg (sciatica) I felt no difference, so decided to give Anthony a try! I felt instant relief after first session and after second session was fine.

Thanks Anthony

Caroline Campbell  Oban

I have suffered from disabling neck and shoulder pain for a long time and medication from my GP was not helping. I have been attending Anthony for treatment and the pain is much less severe now. Along with helpful advice on posture, sleeping position and excercises, I am no longer in chronic pain.

I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone

Irene Craig  Oban

I recently visited Anthony at Mind Body and Soul Fitness for help with some ankle and knee pain. I have been suffering with pain in my ankle and knee for a long time and underwent a few different treatments. I had never been given a clear explanation of what might be causing my problems. After one visit to Anthony I felt I understood what the problem was and felt confident he could fix it. I had two more sessions with Anthony and by the end of it I felt a lot better with my injuries almost completely cleared up! I still have a programme to follow which Anthony gave me and I feel better every time I work on it! The treatment he gave me was both effective and very relaxing. I am now able to take part in sports without the old aches and pains after!

Willie Gemmel  Oban


After 4 years with the NHS, including MRI scans, injections, pain killers and physio,  I was still in pain with my back, hip and leg, they decided they could do no more for me. So I decided to try a local osteopath but after about 8 sessions with no noticeable improvement I gave up.  It was after recommendation from a friend that I went to Anthony and after my first session I experienced a big decrease in my pain. After 4 sessions I’m pain free and feel normal again for the first time in years.

Many thanks Anthony

Caitlin Anderson Oban

Having had hip and pelvis problems for 6 years, due to a fracture - hardly a day pain free and constantly on pain killers - I could not walk very far and bending down was a great problem. Having heard and read other people’s testimonials, I had two sessions with Anthony. I am pleased to say, I am completely pain free and able to do things that I struggled with for a long time. Wish I had gone sooner. Highly recommended.

Thank You Anthony

Vary Ferguson  North Connel

Dear Anthony

I want to say thank you, it took me a day or 2 to really appreciate I could walk normally again. To start with normal walking felt odd after limping for so long, my confidence as taken a huge boost and I am most grateful to you.

Shian Maclean   Kilmelthford

Hi Anthony

I just wanted to let you know that the constant sciatic pain I had for 6 months has now gone. This is a blessing as I had been going to chiropractor weekly for last six months and didn't seem to be getting much better at all. Not only have you saved me money but amazingly after only 2 treatments I'm walking up hills again and generally getting around without any pain except for the odd little twinge!

Muriel Kleiser  Edinburgh

Have been in pain with my back for over 6 years and have regularly gone to an osteopath to only get temporary and partial relief. Having had only 2 sessions with Anthony I am pain free for the first time in 6 years.

Many thanks Anthony

Willie Simmers     Inverarry

I received 3 Bowen sessions to treat shoulder/neck pain, hip/lower back pain and ovary pain. My shoulder pain is 95% gone. I had been pain free after the first treatment but I overused the shoulder resulting in an increase of pain. After 2 further treatments, the pain is almost completely gone and I’m only feeling a very slight awareness of it. The associated neck pain and headaches have gone completely.

Hip pain is something that increases during my cycle and sessions 2 and 3 fell at the time when it’s usually at its peak. I’ve been completely pain free since and even activities that usually exasperate it such as walking and climbing have been done without any pain or aching whatsoever. Have had no lower back pain at all since treatment.

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which results in quite severe ovary pain, especially just before and after my period. Around the same time I have extreme sickness (the day before my period starts and the day after it ends) and generally feel very unwell. Anthony performed a coccyx movement and the results have been phenomonal. Ovary pain completely gone, no sickness after my period and didn’t lose a day to illness as I usually do.

Really pleased with the outcome and would recommend
the treatment and Anthony to anyone

Heather Allen  Port Appin

Hi, Marion here. Just like to thank you for the opportunity to participate with your treatments. I would like to say it was really good. As you are aware my back was bad and I feel after the treatments my back has vastly improved from when I first went up. Thank you so much indeed, much appreciated. I know where to go now if I need any treatment.

Thanks again

Marion Maclean    Oban

Thanks to Anthony I have no more numbness on my face from my neck and back problems. I went on a long bike ride which would normally leave me stiff and in pain but nothing... I felt great!

I would highly recommend Anthony

Katrina Morrison  Oban

I have been suffering with my back for 7 years and was diagnosed by NHS with facet joint syndrome. I have seen a few different therapists, as well as lots of sessions with NHS physio with no resolution.

After just 3 sessions, yes that's right just 3 sessions I am now completely pain free!  fantastic  can't thank you enough Anthony

Linda Johnstone   Oban


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