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Anxiety treatments, PTSD treatment, Depression, Phobias, Personal Development! 

Highly effective Anxiety treatment, PTSD, Depression, and personal development. I use a mixture of tools to help with above issues, the highly effective and ground breaking therapy 'biofield tuning', EFT and EFT matrix re-imprinting and life coaching techniques to garner great and lasting results . Regularly and sucessfully treating anxiety(see testimonials below). 


                                        Phobia Cured

I'm a regular cross fitter and loved to compete the only problem was I had a phobia about box jumping. This was a problem even when just training but when competition time came I would get really stressed and worried knowing I had to box jump. I previously tried hypnotherapy for this but it didnt help at all. Whilst having physical therapy off Ant he suggested trying EFT with him, as it was something I really wanted sorting I agreed to the treatment, well one session of EFT and I know longer had a problem with box jumps at all amazing. 

                         Many Thanks Sarah Housley Buxton

                         Anxiety and fibromyalgia pain gone!

I initially sought Anthony's help for some bowen therapy for fibromyalgia , this did reduce the symptoms. Whilst having treatment I mentioned my anxiety which Ant said he could help with as it is usually related to past trauma, he also suggested that past trauma was connected to the fibromyalgia . So after some Biofield and EFT my anxiety as gone and I'm pain free.
I would recommend Anthony as his knowledge and skills regarding releasing trauma and the effect it has on your body are excellent.


                                    Louise Hallam High Peak

                                              Anxiety gone and off meds !

I went to see Ant back in August as I had seen the good reviews he was getting on Facebook. I went not really knowing what to expect and was going as I had nothing to loose. I have tried various therapies, which have been successful to a degree but not fully addressing the issues I was having. I have been suffering from pretty bad anxiety since Christmas but I didn't realise I had been suffering from it on and off for years, it was a visit to the doctors at Christmas that I got diagnosed with anxiety and I put 2 and 2 together for all the years I had been feeling not quite right. The last episode was really quite traumatic and the anxiety just stuck around until I went to see Ant.

The treatment recommended was Biofield Tuning. Nothing more I can say about it other than brilliant. Along with that I have also had Emotional Freedom Therapy with him which has complimented the Biofield massively.
Before seeing Ant, I was on medication that wasnt really helping and just generally a constant feeling of being stressed, sad and not positive at all. 
It's a different story now, I feel much happier, looking forward to the future, less stressed and generally 100 per cent more positive. To add to that I have felt well enough to come off the medication. Great stuff. I can literally say, its turned mine and my families life around. His knowledge was never ending and it was all very easy to understand. He joined up a lot of dots for me and I can't thank him enough. I would highly recommend.

                                     Thanks again. Kelly Phillips Buxton

             Life Back On Track after PTSD healed !

I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for about 6 years , I was taking beta blockers and anti depressants after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder by the Dr and I was under the mental health team for quite a while but nothing helped.
It was getting that bad I was struggling to leave the house without having a panic attack. The anxiety was causing so much tension in my body I ended up going to Anthony for physical therapy, I  told Anthony about my anxiety and he suggested I had PTSD caused by a very traumatic event in the past. He said he could help using a very unique therapy he had recently learned called biofield tuning. It turned out to be the best thing I had ever done, it's completely changed my life, Im now off all my meds and getting my life back on track, couldn't believe the results and feel like he has saved my life.







          Cant thank you enough Anthony Karl Buxton (Buxton)


Well what can i say.. years of anxiety and fears gone after 2 sessions with Ant..No more going round in circles I can finally move forward and get on with my life.  Thankyou Ant youre Amazing..Bless You


Chelle Wynne Buxton

PTSD Gone 
I booked my girlfriend in for some. ‘biofield tuning’ with Anthony to help her relax and after getting positive feedback off her I decided to give it a go myself. I have been suffering with PTSD for a long time now from an incident and injury I had when I was younger. 

I had previously had medication off the Dr which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone and have tried every system going to help sort it. Drink is a big part for many people with this condition to bring you down to a normal level from uncontrollable hyper sensitivity and hyper arousal but you can’t live like that. 

I didn’t know what to expect really thought it would just be relaxing and calm me down a bit, I was not ready for how powerful this treatment was! After the first session I sat up quite spaced out, in a nice way, it lasted a few hours then I just breezed through the day no stress.
After session 2 and 3 I felt my energy coming back like I used to have and was sleeping better . After my last few sessions I feel like my old self again and have stopped worrying about stupid things. 
I'm not someone who just goes along with all the nonsense society brings and would not say this worked just for the sake of it, but it is fantastic and also drug free , its done my partner a world of good to! 
                                         Thanks Ant Tim Belfield Buxton

                                           Anxiety gone !

Just finished off my third session of Biofield Tuning with Anthony, after suffering with anxiety and stress through one thing an another. Im feeling pretty good now, anxiety gone, sleeping a lot better, waking up feeling awake, looking forward to the day and seem to have loads more energy. Also managing to let things go rather than stress over them and have a more positive outlook on things. 

                            Thanks Ant Gareth Bowers Buxton

                                Outlook and mood improved!

Visited Anthony for Biofield Tuning Therapy at a particularly stressful point in my life. I was very low, permanently anxious and not sleeping or eating.  Not only was it therapeutic to talk and acknowledge stressful and distressing times within my life, I also felt I was letting go of these barriers enabling my energy to lift and my mind and body be more at ease as he completed the therapy. Following sessions 2 and 3 the shift in my mental wellbeing has been noticeable not only to me but also to friends around me. I feel more able to cope and less anxious about the situation's I'm currently facing. I have a calmness and also a positivity about my future and what it may bring. Anthony has been supportive not only through the therapy but also through recommendations of reading materials, diet changes or herbal supplements to support my health and wellbeing.

                           Thanks Anthony Vicky Dawson Buxton


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