Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist, Trauma Healer, Advanced Body Worker and Holistic Therapist tel 01298436234 mob 07977500771
      Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist, Trauma Healer,         Advanced Body Worker and Holistic Therapist                 tel  01298436234  mob 07977500771

Body Building Buxton

Having spent years bodybuilding myself and building myself up from a 9 stone teenager to a 12 stone young man in the space of 3 years, I have tried and tested all types of training for gaining mass and strength ! So when it comes to experience  and knowledge in the this field I am pretty much up there at guru status ! I always keep up with the latest science and research in this field including nutrition! So if it a strong lean muscular body you are after then you have found the right man! I will push you and test you both physically and mentally but always with encouragement and support !


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