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Physical Therapy


Legal Notice please take note!


 I am not nor do I claim to be a physical therapist ,neither do I hold a qualification as a physio or physical therapist, neither am I registered as a physical therapist. I am originally a sports therapist who found he had a talent and a desire to fix people, so have made it my goal to become the best therapist I can possibly be to get the best and fastest outcomes for my clients. The title of physical therapy above is purely to explain what I do as defined in the english dictionary, not what I am! On a personal note I don't think I would be achieving the results I do if I was traditionally trained, SEE TESTIMONIALS !

Anthony Sircar 



 All the marketing in the world will do you no good if you do not get the results people want and need. As such I'm a results orientated therapist and will use all the tools at my disposal to get people pain free and mobile again. My philosophy is to have as many tools as possible to fix whatever ailments or injuries come my way, below is a list of my therapies!

Sports Massage(deep tissue)
Bowen Therapy

NST Bowen
Trigger Point Therapy
Dry Needling

Medical Accupunture
Myofascial Release
Spinal Touch

Fascial Stretch Therapy (stretch to win institute)

Nubax Trio 

Dorn Method - a very gentle technique to gently guide and manipulate the vertabrae, pelvis and other joints back into alignment
Doug Heels Be Activated - a very powerful and highly effective muscle activation technique

Correctional exercises to help keep you mobile and pain free-including muscle balance therapy, postural correction, exercise for lower back pain and biomechanic techniques. 


Its my multi disciplinary approach that keeps me ahead of the game regularly fixing people who have not had results with , phyio's ,osteopaths, chiropractors, NHS  etc

See testimonials !


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