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Evolve Slimming Programme

Put an end to Yo Yo
dieting with the Evolve programme

The 8 week weight loss programme as well as guaranteeing
weight loss, is not a diet but a new way of eating and looking at food
differently! By controlling blood sugar and hence insulin this allows the body
to burn fat a lot easier than any calorie counting or point scoring system in
most common diets! Weight loss is more about what you eat than the amount of
calories! This slimming programme will not only help you lose weight easier
than ever before, but works on you psychologically so as to change your attitude
and behaviour where food in concerned !

Other bonuses include
:- no more cravings, increased energy ,less chance of heart disease and
diabetes !

Here a are few statistics from participants on last

Roanna   lost 18.5 inches and 20lbs

Kathryn   lost   13.5 inches and 12 lbs

Fiona       Lost   14 inches and 9lbs

The more weight you have the more you lose on this eating
and lifestyle programme !

The group of five below lost a total of 64 pounds on the 8
week programme, the second group of eight lost a total of 53 inches in the
first 4 weeks and went on to lose a lot more!



I have always been on a diet of one kind or another
and have tried them all! I attended Ant’s class and it was a revelation, evolve

changed my life! Milica Macneil


Evolve has changed the way i think about food and why
i did not control my weight, being encouraged to exercise regularly has made me
feel better about myself and more energetic with the added bonus of losing 2

Kirsteen menzies


I am so glad that i enrolled. For the first time in
my life, I feel in control of food, rather than food controlling me. Anthony
explains the effects of different foods on the body. I now don’t stress

about food – I choose what I want to eat. It has been
really liberating for me and I would recommend Anthony’s programme 100%!

Julie Maciness


On the programme I never went hungry or felt I was being
deprived, I have now got a lot more energy. The added bonus of losing 6.5
inches off waist, 2.5 inches off hips and a stone in weight!

Mary Laird


The Evolve
programme identified many of the issues I had with myself image and learnt
behaviours. In fact most of the time, I felt Anthony had plucked my lifestyle
profile straight out of my head. This allowed me to address my demons and myths
that I had collected throughout my life, giving me the opportunity to break the
cycle and move forward on a more positive path.

Did the
programme deliver?

Improved nutrition                     yes!   Higher self esteem yes!     Sugar addiction gone                 yes!

Better relationship with food   yes!  
Positive outlook         yes!     Increased energy levels             yes!

Added bonus lost 3.5 inches off waist 2 inches off hips and
nearly a stone in weight!

Lyndsay Wilson





Evolve, put


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