Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist,Trauma Healer, Advanced Body Worker, Holistic and Alternative Therapist tel 01298436234 mob 07977500771
 Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist,Trauma Healer,         Advanced Body Worker, Holistic and Alternative                                     Therapist                 tel  01298436234  mob 07977500771

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for weight loss. 

Have worked in the weight loss industry for over 20 years now and in that time came to understand the importance of the mind for weight loss . In 2012 I created my Evolve slimming programme designed to change your relationhsip with food and yourself. Have since then qualified as an hypno-psychotherapist as well as qualifications in other psychotherapeutic techniques such as EFT, EMDR and clinical mindfulness, mindfulness designed for menatl health issues. 

   Have also completed hypnotherapy course for weight loss, hypnotherapy for group weight loss and hypnotic gatsric band. 

  With these extra tools I have now created Evolve 2 which includes techniques for dealing with cravings , working with comfort eating and negative core beliefs wrapped around comfort eating like not good enought, unlovable etc . Mindfulness also to become more presnt more self aware about yourself and your emotions and how to work with or even relaese the negative emotions making you want to comfort eat .     This is a programme to change your relatinhsip with food , improve stress levels, improve general mood and feelings of well being to put an end to yo yo dieting and form an healthy lifestyle. 


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