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Wild Food Foraging Lessons !

  The most nutritious and organic food out there is wild food, food that grows where its meant to grow as nature intended. Not only is it highly nutritious but its also free and theres lots of tasty wild foods out there! 

  So would you like to learn about wild food and how to identify them for your own consumption, well look no further as from february 2018 I will be taking people out for foraging walks in the local area. Each walk we will learn about 7 plants, how to identify them and how to recognise their poisinous lookalikes . 

 We will also look at ways to prepare and cook them, or have them in a nice wild food salad, wild garlick, jack by the edge, chickweed and wild sorrel  really make for a tasty spicy highly nutritious salad ! 

The walks will be around 3 hrs long after which we wil prepare and have a wild food lunch and will cost £50 per person.

 If you would like more information please do cal or email !



Some of natures edible delights!

Just a few of many !


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