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 Well Being

As it says on the tin at Mind Body and Sould Fitness Company we do just that treat the mind body and soul. An important part of that is well being, feeling good in your own skin and happy with who you are and where you are going.  Like my physical therapy I take a multidisciplinary approach to well being. 

  Life Coaching for helping you reach your goals,Mindfulness Now programme, EFT and EFT Matrix reimprinting to heal trauma and shift belief systems formed by the trauma. Biofield tuning a very new and unique way of healing trauma with sound to help you cope with life better and be happier in your own skin and also reiki. For the body Nutritional advice, Yoga, Tai chi, Be activated technique, FST(fascial stretch therapy from the stretch to win institute) and  Bowen therapy to help keep your body working at optimum levels and a general feeling of well being !






Heal and thrive !

Heal the past and move forward in light !


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