Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist,Trauma Healer, Advanced Body Worker, Holistic and Alternative Therapist tel 01298436234 mob 07977500771
 Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist,Trauma Healer,         Advanced Body Worker, Holistic and Alternative                                     Therapist                 tel  01298436234  mob 07977500771

Personal Development

Coping with life is a lot about perspective, first about the self which can if a negative perspective hold you back and basically cause you to have an unhappy life! Most perspectives or beliefs systems come from our experiences in life and upbringing which form our belief systems about what life is! But all beliefs systems are just like programmes in a computer and with the right information and mental practice can be reprogrammed with a more positive programming system! So part of working with my clients includes working on their beliefs systems and changing them from limiting beliefs to life affirming beliefs for improved confidence, self belief and self esteem! With these new mental perspectives you have a much better chance of reaching your personal goals be it weight loss, bodybuilding, improved performance or just basically improve your outlook on life !


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