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Spinal Touch Therapy

ChronicDisorders of the Human Body, and
 The Complete Approach to Better Health

What is The Spinal Touch Technique?

Spinal Touch is a powerful, unique and very
effective light touch technique, for assessing and treating postural distortion
at the body's centre of gravity. Where is the body's centre of gravity, I hear
you ask? Well, you know that dull, or sometimes not so dull, ache you get in
the base of your spine when you've carried heavy groceries or been out tending
the garden for the day? Yes, that's right, you've found it!!

The sacrum/pelvis position and its relationship to the vertebral column are
critical in enabling the body to function correctly in Earth's environment of
constant gravity. Sudden or gradual stress and strain on the normal functioning
of this relationship sets up an imbalance that distorts the body's posture
through muscle contraction. Left uncorrected, this places a strain on the
skeletal system, which in turn causes the body to lose its shape. Though often
subtle, organ positions are also disturbed or subject to extra strain.

The way to reverse this trend of increasing strain and distortion is to
encourage the muscles to relax and to rest. A relaxed muscle allows the body to
return to its normal posture and a rested muscle allows all of the toxins that
accumulated during the contraction phase to be released into the system for

Sounds ideal, but:

Who can benefit from Spinal Touch Treatments?

When we speak of the organs of the body, we are including all functions of the skeletal
system, the muscular sytem, the nervous system, the circulatory
system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the sensory
system, the urinary system and the reproductive system. Each
system is dependent on every other system in the body organism to perform its
function. When one part breaks down, it has an effect on the rest of the body
systems, causing disruption to a greater or lesser extent.

I've treated many people with
Spinal Touch since qualifying with the Bio-Mechanics Foundation, and with a
high success ratio. Because
Spinal Touch helps the body to relax, it improves health as a whole, even when a
patient has come because of a specific problem.
  Conditions which have
been helped by
Spinal Touch, include: ankylosing spondylitis, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back
pain, balance problems, digestive problems, fatigue, frozen shoulder, headache,
insomnia, jaw problems, joint pain, kyphosis, lordosis, low energy and fatigue,
menstrual problems, migraine, multiple sclerosis, neck pain, pins and needles,
problems that occur as a result of pregnancy, recurrent infections, repetitive
strain injury, scoliosis, sciatica, sinus problems, sports injuries, tennis
elbow, tension, visual disturbances, whiplash injury and more.

This is a huge list, and some people will have several of these conditions
going on at the same time
. That's not surprising, though, is it? When you
look at these problems and then compare their relationship and location to each
other, to their neighbouring organs and the systems to which they belong, you
begin to see how, like the "domino effect", postural distortion or
pain can cause us to develop other symptoms, like neck pain. This gives rise to
headaches and insomnia, then we introduce fatigue and anxiety, which sparks off
back pain or asthma. Breathing difficulties cause muscles to strain around
vital organs, and blood flow is impeded, this has an effect on the circulatory
system and oxygenated blood is slow to reach and nourish other organs, or the
digestive system. The inability to digest our food properly soon has an effect
on the body's cell structure and our senses begin to suffer. We end up with
visual disturbances, sinus problems and infections or disease.

The secret is to break the cycle somewhere along the chain. This is where
Spinal Touch comes in. By correcting the distortions of the
body that are caused by stress and strain, we allow the body to rest. Actually,
we cause the muscles to rest, which is what triggers all this off in the first
place. Once the body is allowed to relax sufficiently, it will start to heal


What does a Spinal Touch Treatment Involve?

The first visit involves a look at a treatment chart and an explanation of
exactly how
Spinal Touch is performed. In both the postural
assessment and treatment stages,
Spinal Touch is known as the gentle and non-invasive treatment. The last thing I
want is for you to worry about what you've let yourself in for. Then we take a
look at your medical history to decide if
Spinal Touch is the right treatment for you, or if there is any
reason why it wouldn't be appropriate. Thankfully, there are very few reasons
why a treatment should not go ahead, and the treatment is perfectly safe for
very young children right up to the very elderly.

As a general rule, the treatment is given with you in your underwear. The
reason for this will become clear in a minute, but gowns are provided
for anyone who may be slightly embarassed.

You will be asked to stand next to a plumb-line for your initial postural
assessment. Some discreet marks are made on various parts of your body using a
skin pencil, to give us a frame of reference, firstly for the treatment, and
secondly so that we can see exactly what effect the treatment had on you.

These marks are used to determine the variables that are part of your very
individual treatment. Various quick and simple pre-tests of the proposed treatment
ensure me that our assessment was accurate, and that we should proceed with the
treatment. Then you will be asked to lie, face down, on a treatment couch for
approximately 20 minutes.

Once in this position, you will be covered up and only those parts being worked
will be uncovered at any one time. The practitioner applies a precise sequence
of light pressure contacts, called 'rub outs' to the line of a hundred or so
dots you first saw on the wall chart. (This is the moment when you wish you'd
taken more notice of what I was explaining to you earlier on -

). These reflex points and muscle insertions cover the
gluteals, the sacrum, the spine, shoulders, neck, back of the head, and the

These specific areas of treatment guide the body toward postural correction and
induce a state of profound relaxation. We know this state as the
"Alpha State", or the "Healing State". A relaxed state
encourages the release of muscular tension and pain.

Upon completion, if you can be bothered to get up by then, I ask you to return
to the plumb-line so that we can compare your new posture to the original marks
of your initial assessment. The effect of
Spinal Touch is to guide the body to realign itself with its
centre of gravity. This allows the skeletal structure to begin to move back to

Most people feel an immediate change in themselves as muscles and cells relax.
Normal blood flow, energy flow and oxygen are all increased into previously
stressed areas of the body. In this way, curvature starts to disappear, humps
flatten, muscles become softer and more relaxed, forward lean is brought back
toward the upright, and the patient looks and feels taller, straighter and
altogether more comfortable.

Responses to
Spinal Touch will vary from patient to patient, but there always is one.

Strength of response can range from simple pain relief to a complete and quite
rapid recovery depending on the original nature of the complaint. If your body
has been distorted for a prolonged period of time, then it should not be the
intention to perform a rapid recovery. The body took a long time to take on
this distortion and it will not give it up readily or immediately. With
Spinal Touch can gradually retrain the body, and
the mind, to take on a new, more comfortable position and once the body enjoys
this new painfree way of being, will willingly accept it as the way forward.
Once the mind is involved in this procedure, it is my experience that the
treatment can hold for a considerable time.

In Conclusion:

I must point out here that
Spinal Touch is not a miracle cure! I don't know why, I just feel I should make this
clear, even though a minority of patients seem to think there should be a
Eureka moment and the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, etc. etc. etc.

I've always believed Healing is a process that the patient must be involved in,
it is not something "done" to the patient. Patients that understand
this concept show distinct and sustained improvement many times greater than
those whose recovery is attributed solely to the contents of a drugs cabinet.

Spinal Touch Treatment is a tremendously effective way to
relax tensions and everyday stresses, and even when a patient regains perfectly
normal health, it is a good idea for treatments to continue on an occasional
basis to maintain good health.


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